Naked News – Cambridge students read news naked in online video

The man and woman, nicknamed John Tucker and Jane Doe in the clip, are seen walking around the historic buildings of King’s College in Cambridge.

The pair start the first episode of the ‘Naked News’ programme wearing graduation gowns but soon strip off.

They then stumble over their words as they give a brief round-up of university news wearing nothing but a pair of glasses.

The couple, who filmed the programme at 6am before the campus became too crowded, then finish by cycling naked through the streets of Cambridge.

The programme was put together by the university student TV channel CU:TV and is expected to be broadcast weekly.

The three minute show, which went online on Thursday has also been put on the website YouTube.

The blonde woman, a second-year natural sciences student, said the footage was meant to poke fun at Cambridge students who “take themselves too seriously”.

“We want to create comedy personas for John and Jane and move forward in developing them as characters,” she said. “They are trying to be serious newsreaders who take themselves very seriously.

“It’s a bit of a mockery of Cambridge students in general. I was incredibly nervous and it was very surreal, especially at six in the morning. We were running around Cambridge just wearing gowns and it was absolutely freezing.

“By the end our feet were completely numb but I’m looking forward to doing the next episode.”

Cambridge University students found themselves at the centre of a row last year when its new online tabloid paper ‘Tab’ included “page 3” girls posing under the banner “Totty.”

It received 800,000 hits in its first week but a section where students pose in their underwear led to calls for them to cover up.

One of the students, who posed on a punt in a small pink bikini, later requested her photos were removed as she was embarrassed.

The university’s new tabloid magazine, Vivid, also caused a storm after it printed a topless picture of a female student.

The girl, from Homerton College, posed in a black lacy thong and stockings on one of the university’s historic bridges.

Cambridgeshire police said they would not stop the students from stripping naked but warned they would have to investigate if any members of the public complained.

A spokeswoman said: “I cannot imagine this would be a police matter unless someone complained. All complaints have to be looked into regardless of their origin.”

A Cambridge University spokesman declined to comment.

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