Naked woman falls through roof in Aberdeen

The accident happened yesterday after the woman clambered out of a third floor window that she’d smashed with her partner.

The pair, both in their twenties, stripped off and had sex on the roof – but then the earth moved in entirely the wrong way for the woman when she plunged through the roof slates into an empty photography shop.

The saucy shenanigans were heard by a builder working in the flats on Aberdeen’s Bridge Street. He said: ‘They made a hell of a racket. They put me off my work.

‘God knows why they thought it was going to be a good idea.

‘But it all ended in tears and the next thing I knew the police, ambulance and fire brigade were all here.

‘They landed me with extra work because I had to patch up the window that they smashed.’

The woman had to be released by the emergency services and incredibly only suffered minor injuries, although she was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for a check-up.

A witness described her as looking shell-shocked.

One thing’s for certain – she has definitely fallen for her partner.

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