Film Tanah Air Beta

TANAH AIR BETA Movie synopsis and review Indonesian Films.

When Timor-Timur split from Indonesia, there was a separation of two brothers who love each other, they are forced to live in different conditions and locations. Until makes Merry (10 years) had to stay alone with her mother “Tatiana” (29 th) in a refugee camp in Kupang, NTT. While her older brother Mauro (12 years) living with an uncle in Timor Leste!

Tanah Air Beta

Tatiana and her daughter Merry, lived in a refugee camp with hundreds of thousands of other refugees.
Life was very hard in a refugee camp and in the midst of uncertainty about the existence of her son, did not make the mother “Tatiana” becomes weak.

Longing for her brother and mother’s suffering, has made Merry grown into an intelligent girl and pleaded.
One day, a volunteer officer said to tatiana “there is the possibility to meet with her son”. Film TANAH AIR BETA

Cast starring Tanah Air Beta 2010 : Alexandra Gottardo, Asrul Dahlan Griffit Patricia,Lukman Sardi,Yahuda Rumbindi,Ari Sihasale,Robby Tumewu,Thessa Kaunang .

Tanah Air Beta Movie was directed and produced by Ari Sihasale. Indonesian movie films production by Alenia Pictures.
Tanah Air Beta Official Movie Website : ..

Tanah Air Beta the Movie Trailer and cinema.


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