>Sandra Bullock – Hollywood Most Expensive Actress

Not very long, Forbes has released the names of Hollywood actresses with highest revenues over the past 12 months. It came out that Sandra Bullock have been on the prime list. Although her wedding with Jesse James can be called over, last year was the most effective for Sandra Bullock’s career. Two movies she was gotten into, “The Proposal” and “The Blind Side” has been very profitable on the market.

“The Proposal” is a romantic comedy has gotten income of U.S. $ 320 million, whereas the studios spend solely U.S. $ forty million production. “The Blind Side”, on the other hand had reached $310 million with manufacturing price on 30 million. The Blind Side is a movie adapted from the life of American Soccer player, Michael Oher.

In these two films, Sandra chose to cut pay and revenue sharing system. Because of this, 46-year-old woman had obtained U.S. $ 56 million throughout June 2009 till July 2010.
If Sandra is on #1 spot, actress Reese Witherspoon is ranked second.
Though last performed on the big display screen in 2008 and then, is thru the movie ‘Four Christmases’, Resse acquired a contract that is price fairly high. Of the two films, ‘How Do You Know’ and ‘Water for Elephants’, cash amounting to U.S. $ 32 million decided to get into a popular actress savings via his performing in films ‘Legally Blonde’.
Ranked quantity two, Resse needed to share the place with Cameron Diaz. From the film with Tom Cruise, ‘Knight & Day’, Cameron get U.S. $ 32 million.
Skip to rank fourth within the list of highest paid Hollywood actress, there is a queen of romantic comedy, Jennifer Aniston. Though current films that starred much less successful, Jennifer might acquire U.S. $ 27 million. Not only from the large-display screen films, until now Jen nonetheless get revenue sharing from the sequence ‘Buddies’.
Sarah Jessica Parker is ranked fifth. From the sequel to ‘Sex and the Metropolis’ and hers perfume merchandise, Jessica received the U.S. $ 25 million.

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