>Indonesian Model Ayu Oktasari And Winner Of "Take Me Out Indonesia" Leaked Nude Pictures


Nude photos of popular Indonesian reality dating show Take Me Out winner, Ayu Oktasari, in a X-rated photoshoot were leaked. Over the last few day, the alleged nude photos of Indonesian model Ayu Oktasari have been circulated widely over the Internet. The 27-year-old claim that the nude pictures being circulated on the Internet are fake and she has never taken nude photos. However, these pictures did spoil her marriage plans. So her fiance seem to believe it is in fact her in the scandalous pictures and he is not happy. Her engagement ceremony to the TV star Egy Yunus has been indefinitely postponed. Here is Ayu Oktasari’s Facebook page” http://www.facebook.com/people/Ayu-Oktasari/1667731876 and Egy Yunus’ Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/egy.yunus and interesting enough, he still has his Relationship Status as “In a Relationship with Ayu Oktasari.” The police are investigating the case and I doubt they would be doing an official investigation if the photos were fake. The police are investigating to find the source of the leak. However she claimed that the photos are fake like all the celebs in Indonesia have done when its actually and obviously legit.
Unlike in the West, in the East nude leak pictures can end the career of celebrities. And because of these pics, her planned marriage is currently on the edge of the cliff not only her career. Can you blame Egy for walking away? What would you do if find your fiance suddenly have nude modeling photos being leak all over and spread, especially in a predominant Muslim country like Indonesia? Good luck to her but things don’t look like she is being truthful. But you really cannot blame her for lying, her life has been turn upside down by her youthful indiscretion. Check her profile for Take Me Out Indonesia season 1 here http://www.takemeoutindonesia.com/contestant-detail.php?tid=13. According to her profile, she is Muslim so it is obvious why she must claim it is not her in the leaked pictures. Nude pictures and Islam just don’t mix. And even more obvious, this is why you don’t blindly set an engagement to marry a chick you met on a reality television show when you don’t know shit about her past. The Jakarta Globe report:

The wedding plans of the winning couple from the wildly popular television program “Take Me Out Indonesia” might be put on hold after nude and scantily clad pictures of a woman resembling Ayu Oktasari appeared on the Internet.

Ayu, 27, and Egy, 33, also known as Yunus, met on the reality dating show in June 2009. In December, they were crowned as the best couple of Season One and were given Rp 100 million ($10,800) in prize money.

Ayu and Egy said that they planned to take their six-month relationship to a new level by getting engaged. Their wedding was planned for mid-2010. 

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