>Chu Mei-feng: Sex, lies, videotape and politics


Chu Mei-feng.

Who: Then Taiwanese politician Chu Mei-feng and her married lover.
What: In 2001, Chu’s jealous friend Kuo Yu-ling installed a pinhole camera in her bedroom, recorded Chu’s trysts with her married lover Tseng Chung-ming, and gave the scoop to a tabloid. A VCD of the steamy sessions then quickly circulated in Asia, rocking the Taiwanese psyche.
The morning after: Chu resigned from her post as the head of the Hsinchu municipal Cultural Affairs Department, and announced that she would drop out of public life.
She then thought better of it and cashed in on her notoriety by publishing a biography and staging a concert in Singapore in 2002. She’s currently an anchor at Macau Asia Satellite Television.
Her ex-BFF was slapped with a four year sentence on the counts of violating the privacy law, undermining public morality, and theft and forge

source : http://www.cnngo.com

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