>Edison Chen’s ‘Sexy Photo Gate'


Who: Hip hop artist Edison Chen and many, many women, including singer and actress Gillian Chung, movie star Cecilia Cheung, former singer-model Bobo Chan, and his current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung.
What: In 2008, some 1,300 photos of Chen getting raunchy with at least six celebrities (in various stages of undress) leaked on the Internet after he took his hard drive to a computer repair shop.
The morning after: Chen, hounded by the Hong Kong Police and relentless media persecution, fled to the United States and announced that he’s putting his entertainment career on hold “indefinitely.” He’s since returned to Hong Kong and starred in movie “The Sniper.” He broke his silence on the scandal to CNN in an exclusive interview.
After a two-year hiatus, Gillian Chung, who’s on CNNGo’s Hong Kong Hot List, is back with a tougher, sexier image and is currently working on film projects.
Cecilia Cheung, who criticized Chen harshly in interviews after the scandal broke, continued making babies with actor and musician Nicolas Tse.
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