>Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho – The Hayden sex video scandal


Katrina Halili

Who: Katrina Halili, a Filipina actress who was voted FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman in 2006 and 2007, and Hayden Kho Jr, celebrity doctor, model and TV star.
What: In late 2008, a sex video of Halili and Kho started appearing online and on street DVDs — it quickly spread like wildfire. The videos also showed the good-looking Kho with other women.
Then 23, Halili claimed the videos were taken without her knowledge or consent. She said she was only guilty of falling in love with Kho, according to the Manila Bulletin.
The morning after: Claims, counter claims, senate investigations and the loss of a medical license — the sex scandal had the whole nation talking for the best part of last year with court cases still continuing.
At one point the scandal involved Kho’s mother, who accused Halili of drug pushing.
In the end, Halili exacted her revenge. Her complaint led the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke Hayden’s license to practice medicine for “committing immorality as well as dishonorable and unethical conduct.” He was also suspended last September for one year by the Philippine Medical Association “for conduct offensive to the profession.”

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